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This "NEW" platform will allow us to create online classes whereby giving us the accessibility to store the course materials online; manage assignments, exams; grade results and provide students with interactive online support as needed during their time of study; all in one place. Access codes is required.  The Platform is being setup...COMING SOON!!

{ "payload_type": "single_user_test_results_link", "payload_status": "live", // "live": Actual Results. "verify": Sample Results when setting up the Webhook from within your account. "test": { "test_id": 100, "test_name": "Sample Test Name" }, "link": { "link_id": 101, "link_name": "Sample Link Name", "link_url_id": "sample_quiz_id_123" // This is the Unique Identifier ID that is required to 'Start' a new Test (when taken via Links) EG: https://...?quiz=sample_quiz_id_123 }, "result": { "link_result_id": 8127364, // Each result will have a Unique ID. "first": "John", "last": "Smith", "email": "[email protected]", "percentage": 75.0, "points_scored": 9.0, "points_available": 12.0, "requires_grading": "Yes", // Only Exams that include "Essay" style questions will require grading Learn more. "time_started": 1436263522, // Never changes per result. "time_finished": 1436264122, // Can update on re-sends (EG: An Exam is re-opened by an Administrator to give a User more time). "duration": "00:05:20", "percentage_passmark": 50, "passed": true, // true/false Note: If no "Passmark Score" is set for an exam, "true" will be used. "feedback": "Thanks for completing our Exam!", // Overall exam feedback as set by Administrators. Feedback is optional. "give_certificate_only_when_passed": false, // true/false Exams can be setup to disallow certificate downloading if a User fails the Exam. "certificate_url": "", "view_results_url": "", // Unique URL per Test result for viewing formatted Test results back on ClassMarker (without being logged into a ClassMarker account). An Access control password is required for viewing access. Set this password on your My account page. "access_code_question": "What is your Employee ID?", // Access list usage is optional. Access lists. "access_code_used": "12345", "extra_info_question": "Which sales department are you assigned to?", // Optional. Non graded questions asked before Exam is started. "extra_info_answer": "New York Product 7 Divisiaon", "extra_info2_question": "Extra Information Question 2 here", "extra_info2_answer": "Extra Information Answer 2 here", "extra_info3_question": "Extra Information Question 3 here", "extra_info3_answer": "Extra Information Answer 3 here", "extra_info4_question": "Extra Information Question 4 here", "extra_info4_answer": "Extra Information Answer 4 here", "extra_info5_question": "Extra Information Question 5 here", "extra_info5_answer": "Extra Information Answer 5 here", "cm_user_id": "123456", // Optional. The tracking IDs sent your system. Integration Options. "ip_address": "" }, "questions": [ // Questions, User Responses and Category Results are only included if selected in your Webhook settings. { "question_id": 3542854, "question_type": "multiplechoice", "category_id": 1, "points_available": 2, // Points can be to one decimal place. "question": "What is the first step for treating a skin burn?", "options": { "A": "Apply oil or butter", "B": "Nothing should be done", "C": "Soak in water for five minutes", "D": "Apply antibiotic ointment" }, "correct_option": "C", "points_scored": 2, // Points can be to one decimal place. "user_response": "C", // If Question was not answered, "user_response" key will not exist. "result": "correct", // Possible Values: correct / partial_correct / incorrect / requires_grading / unanswered. "feedback": "Great, and remember, never use oil on Skin burns!" // Optional: Question Feedback. If no Question Feedback is set, "feedback" key will not exist }, { "question_id": 10254859, "question_type": "multiplechoice", "category_id": 2, "points_available": 2, "question": "Select the options you should take when the fire alarm sounds:", "options": { "A": "Call you manager to see if you can leave the building", "B": "Exit the building immediately", "C": "Use the Lifts to exit faster", "D": "Use the stairwell to exit" }, "correct_option": "B,D", // Note this multiple choice question contains 2 correct options. "points_scored": 1, "user_response": "B", // Only one option selected, hence 1/2 points awarded. Format for multiple selected options: A,B,C etc "result": "partial_correct", "feedback": "That is incorrect, the correct answers are A and C" }, { "question_id": 5485962, "question_type": "truefalse", "category_id": 3, "points_available": 1, "question": "Our Support staff work 7 day a week", "options": { "A": "True", "B": "False" }, "correct_option": "A", "points_scored": 1, "user_response": "A", "result": "correct", "feedback": "That is correct, we provide 7 day support" }, { "question_id": 3896152, "question_type": "freetext", "category_id": 5, "points_available": 1, "question": "Our company website is:", "options": { "exact_match": [ { "content": "example" }, { "content": "" }, { "content": "" }, { "content": "" }, { "content": "" } ] }, "points_scored": 1, "user_response": "example", "result": "correct", "feedback": "Correct, always send our customers to our main website:" }, { "question_id": 6403973, "question_type": "matching", "category_id": 2, "points_available": 4, "question": "Match the options below:", "points_scored": 3, "options": { "A": { "clue": "Product faulty", "match": "Exchange or Refund", "correct_option": "A", "user_response": "A" }, "B": { "clue": "Customer mis-used and broke product", "match": "No refund", "correct_option": "B", "user_response": "B" }, "C": { "clue": "Customer broke factory seal", "match": "No refund", "correct_option": "B", // Note: The Exam administrator has set two Matches to equal the same Clue "B". "user_response": "B" }, "D": { "clue": "Incorrect product size purchased", "match": "Exchange", "correct_option": "D", "user_response": "A" }, "E": { "match": "Have customer removed by security" // This is a Incorrect Match with no corresponding Clue, these can be used to help make Matching Questions more difficult. } }, "result": "partial_correct", "feedback": "Please check your incorrect matches" }, { "question_id": 444564, "question_type": "essay", "category_id": 5, "points_available": 1, "question": "Describe some advantages of having test papers graded instantly:", "points_scored": 0, "user_response": "Users can see their results instantly, grading is accurate, save time from manual grading", "result": "requires_grading", "custom_feedback": "", // "custom_feedback" is only used for Essay Questions. Administrators can add when grading Essay Questions. "feedback": "Generic feedback here" }, { "question_id": 442810, "question_type": "grammar", "category_id": 3, "points_available": 1, "question": "The car was parkked over their!", "answer": "The car was parked over there!", "points_scored": 1, "user_response": "The car was parked over there!", "result": "correct", "feedback": "Well done!" } ], "category_results": [ // Category results from Questions are only included if selected in your Webhook settings. { "category_id": 1, "name": "Health and Safety", "percentage": 66.7, // Percentage can be to one decimal place. "points_available": 6, // Points can be to one decimal place. "points_scored": 4 // Points can be to one decimal place. }, { "category_id": 2, "name": "Exit Procedure", "percentage": 100, "points_available": 2, "points_scored": 2 }, { "category_id": 3, "name": "General Knowledge", "percentage": 100, "points_available": 2, "points_scored": 2 }, { "category_id": 5, "name": "Sales", "percentage": 50, "points_available": 2, "points_scored": 1 } ] }

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